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London, OH  43140
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Tim Keller wrote in The Reason for God, "Jesus' life, death, and resurrection was an
infinitely costly rescue operation to restore justice to the oppressed and marginalized,
physical wholeness to the diseased and dying, community to the isolated and lonely, and
spiritual joy and connection to those alienated from God..."

From Genesis to Revelation, God's Story is one of restoration.  It is our vision to partner with
God as He fulfills His plan to redeem, restore, and renew His lost creation, and we do this
through engaging in time-proven ministry strategies.  We have committed to:

  • Reverence God through worship.
  • Edify the Body of Christ through fellowship.
  • Strengthen Christ's Body through discipleship.
  • Touch the suffering through service.
  • Overcome darkness through spiritual warfare.
  • Redeem the lost through evangelism.
  • Establish the Church through the Word of God.

Our Vision
To partner with Almighty God
As He fulfills His plan
To redeem, restore, and renew
His lost creation.

Our Mission
To glorify God,
Working with the whole Church
To take the whole gospel
To the whole world.
Encounter Opportunities

Sometimes, being “serviced” isn't
enough. At a service station, we pull
in, get what we came for, and leave
without putting much of ourselves
into the process. Church shouldn't
be like that.

Encounter: to meet, to come across,
to get acquainted with, to bump into.

Restoration Worship Center’s aim is
to provide you with the opportunity
to meet God, to get acquainted with
Him, to “bump into” Him and really
encounter His presence. It is this
desire that drives us to call our
worship gatherings “encounters,”
rather than “services.”